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How every means to an end yields new beginnings
Equal to before, this elaborate plan to fly
Beyond the cell in which I waited years
For sunlight to shine down on me
Break axiom

Is it wrong for me to churn the peaceful waters I suffered to see
Sunlight shine down on me

Suffering succumbed to lethargy before long
With no sense of up or down
Hell cannot stay hell
And though peace comes through acceptance of what is
Opportunity still can rear it’s ugly head, screaming to
Take it all
Break the stillness as this chance
Creates a shock wave in our divine union

Does the world mold to me or me to the world?
Either way I see my escape
And zen won’t fit through the door
Forget all you learned or felt
Run away from here you idiot

Look in your wake
Are you the one that made you complete?

With your face in the dirt
Was nobility there in the absence of sin?
Did you fly higher in your ascent than where you were before?
Grabbing to clutch what can’t be held

Wash away the lines I see
We search the skies above
In our own attempt to hide from the
Gods we already are
Sunlight, shine down on me
As all exists right now
So I will be

The door to heaven follows me through itself
To show me around
And change its form as a hole in the clouds
Where I can fly toward the sun until I burn
As if the angels don’t hate it here

Wash away the lines I see
Because everything's disharmony
Is everything it needs to be
Everything I see is me
Watching skies above in my own search for nothing
Wash away the lines I see so I can be at peace
Good bye


from Sunlight, released December 1, 2013



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